Self taught photographer, Located in Haifa.

I have a passion for taking pictures of people, and i have been photographing them for over a decade, whether i do it on the street, studio, concert, an event or on a wedding day.

I always try to tell the story of the person i photograph and to exhibit them both in the same frame, be it while taking corporate headshots, or while taking photos on event. 

In addition, i have been an educator my whole life and i always try to incorporate a warm and attentive attitude that will suite any need for any person.

If you like my work and want to get in touch i would love to sit down over a cup of tea, or coffee and have a chat :)

Services provided: 

- Shooting any kind of event/ concert/ wedding.

- Portraiture with natural/ artificial lights.

- Editing and creating digital photo albums.

- Printed pictures up to A3+ size (33X48 cm)+ Magnetic hangers.